9 Unknown Mobile Phone Tracker Apps Using Mobile Phones

by apkdesu, Friday, 1 April 2022 (6 months ago)

9 Unknown Mobile No Tracker APP

Are you afraid or afraid of the unknown? These concerns are normal to be experienced because today continues to be a lot of fraud or let alone hypnosis that is tried over the phone.

One application to overcome this problem is GetContact. Kind of like his name, he’s able to track down an unknown number that contacted us. This application is in charge of finding the no that you enter in the database. After that he wanted to show self-proof no sourced in the name of the contact stored on someone else’s cellphone.

The application is now well known to be used because it works efficiently and can protect us from spam calls, robocalls, telemarketing, to cyber fraud. But in fact not only GetContact, there are still many unknown no HP tracker applications that exist for Android. Follow the alternative here!

1. Showcaller

The Showcaller application can recognize foreign phone numbers that contact you. Not only shows proof of the owner of the Foreign no, this application also shows the position of the caller’s details and opinions overwrite the no.

The opinion was given by another user who had been contacted by the Foreign no. If the Foreign number is categorized as fraud or spam, until you can immediately block it so that there is no next call.

2. Whoscall

The next unknown Tracker app, Whoscall, was developed by Gogolook. Just like the previous application, Whoscall is able to recognize foreign owners who contact you.

The application automatically shows the name of the foreign owner that is obtained from the records of other users. If the Foreign number is listed as spam, until you can immediately think or reject the call.

Since 2013, this application has been acquired by Naver so that it is located in one shade with the line chat application.

3. TelGuarder

TelGuarder has a feature to track proof of yourself no stranger contacted you. Moreover, you can block the types of no that are considered spam or viruses so that they cannot contact your no.

Not only that, you can tell strangers who are thought to be annoying and share opinions so that other users can find out. Your opinion is automatically entered in databaseTelGuarder.

4. Truecaller

Truecaller is listed as one of the Swedish mobile no tracker apps. This application is quite famous in the class of Android and iOS users. Its active users currently reach more than 200 million people.

Truecaller is able to recognize unknown numbers that are calling you . If the number that contacts you is identified as spam, until this application wants to show Red which means that the number is listed no risk.

You can find out the proof of the owner no by checking the Truecaller database. The information in the database is taken from the phone number information of previous users who have been willing to be shared.

5. Hiya

Hiya’s app was called Whitepages Caller ID. This application has a better feature than before, which is able to open incoming calls and spam SMS from foreign no.

If no stranger owner has developed his number, this app can previously tell if there is any such related spam, virus, malware, adware, or spyware.

6. Mr. Number – Block Calls & Spam

Matching the name, the advantages of the application Mr. Number-Block Calls & amp; Spam is able to know all block unknown numbers that contact you. However, not all unknown no’s are about to be blocked by this app.

The numbers to be blocked, is the phone number found as spam or fraud. You also block calls from foreign numbers with certain codes and numbers that are suspected of being spam actors.

7. Tellows – Caller ID & Block

The tellows – Caller ID& Block application has more complete features than other mobile no tracker applications. This application has a feature that allows you to recognize data about the name, address, to the position of the caller.

Not only that, you can also recognize the purpose of the owner no contact us. This application can categorize no unknown SO 9 types, is no reliable, debt collection industry, lottery prizes, surveys, advertising, terror, money fraud, telemarketing, to missed call mode.

8. Eyecon

One of the advantages of the Eyecon application is free advertising and can be downloaded for free. So, you can use the various features of Eyecon without fear of being bothered by ads.

Universally, Eyecon has a feature similar to Truecaller, is to filter out no unknown strangers who contact you .

The thing that distinguishes Eyecon from Truecaller applications is that users can improve images on foreign numbers that enter the database of this application. Not only that, this application can also be connected to the user’s social media account.

9. Get Contact

Get Contact application is an application that is very often heard compared to other cellphone tracker applications. Features in the Get Contact application similar to Truecaller is filtering Foreign no as well as blocking no suspected spam.

Get Contact also has a database that can reveal the evidence of a foreign owner who often contacts you. Users can enjoy more features by paying a subscription fee of Rp 40. 000s per month.

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